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Premium, All-natural Beard Oil Ingredients:  Carrier Oil Blend – Almond, Castor, Argan, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Lanolin.   Pure Essential Oil Blend for fragrance.

Premium, All-natural Styling Wax Ingredients:  Pure White Bees Wax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Arrowroot.   Pure Essential Oil Blend for fragrance.

Premium, All-natural Stache Wax Ingredients:  Pure Yellow Bees Wax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Arrowroot.

Regular size = 1 fl oz bottle beard oil,  1 oz tin of styling wax, and 1 oz tin of stache wax

Large size = 2 fl oz bottle beard oil, 2 oz tin of styling wax, and 1 oz tin of stache wax

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Premium, Handcrafted, Chemical-free, Petroleum-free, All-Natural Grooming for Men, Beard & Mustache Kit by Every Knight Forge.  5 Great Scent, 2 size Choices.



We offer our beard oil and styling wax in three great scents as well as an unscented version (Please note: we only offer our Stache Wax as unscented since it will be directly under your nose all day).

Citrus Clove is a fresh, energizing aroma. Crisp, light citrus notes of both orange and tangerine are paired with a warm note of clove.

Vintage Barber is a warm, pleasing masculine scent with distinctive spicy-floral notes of bergamot and soft, aromatic West Indian bay leaf top notes.

Hinterland is our backcountry champion. Woodsy and earthy base notes of Virginia Cedarwood and patchouli are paired with sweet notes of vanilla.

Sandalwood is a divine scent. This fragrance is simply the clean, light, sweet, warm, rich and woody base notes of Sandalwood essential oil.

Unscented has no fragrance added. The only scent is that of the very mild, all-natural carrier oil blend, so its smell will not compete with your favorite cologne or after-shave.

Thank you for considering our premium Beard & Mustache Kit, which includes our handcrafted, all-natural beard oil, styling wax, and stache wax.  Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients for performance you can count on. We always handcraft in small batches, completely from scratch using all-natural oils and butters. We are dedicated to craftsmanship and are passionate, mindful, and deliberate about creating awesome, high-quality products and selling them for a reasonable price.  Our goal is to earn and keep your business.   Remember to “Wear Every Knight every day.”

Benefits and Description of Every Knight Beard Oil, Styling Wax, and Stache Wax


Our all-natural beard oil is formulated to strengthen, soften, hydrate, and condition your hair, beard, and skin. It is designed to help control frizz and style your hair/beard, leaving it with a healthy sheen while reducing beard itch and dandruff. Every Knight Beard Oil can be used as after-shave to soothe skin irritated by shaving.   Our all-natural hair styling wax is formulated to strengthen, sculpt, and condition your beard or hair, while giving a medium hold without feeling too heavy.  If you’re looking for a chemical free, petroleum free hold for your mustache, our Unscented Stache Wax is the way to go. Our all-natural stache wax is formulated to strengthen, sculpt, and condition your mustache, while giving a medium-firm hold.  Use this kit to help forge a great look. The mild, masculine aroma is intentionally subtle, but can take the place of cologne.  Every Knight Beard Oil works great as a pre-shave and post-shave grooming oil, and our Styling Wax works great for styling your hair too!


Every Knight Beard Oil Directions

After showering, simply pour and spread a small amount into your hands, then stroke into your beard.  Fully work into your beard with your hands, and then a comb to penetrate down to the skin underneath.

Every Knight Styling Wax Directions

Can be used on a damp or a dry hair/beard but is easier on damp beard.  After showering, simply load an entire thumbnail with styling wax by gently scraping the surface of the wax with the back of your nail. Warm up by rubbing in the palm of your hands. Then, distribute evenly into your beard to achieve desired result.  Fully work into your hair/beard with your hands, and then, distribute evenly in your hair/beard to achieve desired result.

Every Knight Stache Wax Directions

Simply load thumbnail with a small amount of stache wax by gently scraping the surface of the wax with the back of your thumbnail. With your thumb and forefinger, work the wax into a pea size ball. Flatten the ball and warm up by rubbing between your fingers until the wax is workable. Distribute evenly into your mustache, starting in the center and work towards the tips.  Fully work the wax into your mustache with a fine-tooth comb, then mold and shape to achieve desired result.

Caution:  Contains tree nut oils – Perform a small skin test before fully applying.  Discontinue use if allergic.

For topical use only – DO NOT consume.   Avoid contact with eyes – Wash hands after applying.

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Sandalwood, Citrus Clove, Hinterland, Vintage Barber, Unscented


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