B2 Pikeman Liberty Series Shaving Brush


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Thank you for considering our hand turned shaving brushes.    All our brush handles are hand turned and finished, locally in our shop in Rome, GA.  Our products are made from the highest quality materials for performance you can count on. We are dedicated to craftsmanship and are passionate, mindful, and deliberate about creating awesome, high-quality products and selling them for a reasonable price.  Our goal is to earn and keep your business.

Our “B2 Pikeman Liberty Series” shaving brush has a commemorative Presidential dollar coin inlayed in end of handle (Lady Liberty side up) with a decorative red outer ring.  The three-inch tall handles is progressively sanded and buffed, then finished with a hand-rubbed Danish oil to bring out the natural luster of the material and to help make the brush handles water resistant. Currently, we offer our brush handles in two wood choices:

  • * Stabilized Spalted Tamarind
  • * Blackwood


Burmese Blackwood (Dalbergia cultrata) is a beautiful, dense Southeast Asia wood. Heartwood color is variable, and ranges from a medium olive or reddish brown to a darker purplish brown, frequently with nearly black streaks throughout. Color tends to darken with age. Grain can be irregular. With a uniform medium texture and very good natural luster.

– Spalted Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) is a beautiful African wood. Much of this pale yellow sapwood comes from logs that were either found on the forest floor or were cut and then allowed to spalt in the very damp warm conditions of the jungle. The colors and various line patterns are truly unique from one piece to another.   Stabilized woods are woods that have been impregnated under a vacuum with a polymer resin. The pressurized injection forces the resin into all the spaces and pores in the wood. This greatly increases its durability, and resistance to atmospheric change.  The wood becomes heavier, more stable, and much more resistant to water.

Default Brush Knot Option:  The Black, Pure Badger Hair knot will give your shaving brushes a very distinct look.  

Upgrade Brush Knot Option:  For $15 more, you can upgrade your brush knot to premium, Silver tip Badger Hair knot.

The knots are brand new, pre-bloom (the fan will be much wider once broken in).


Total Brush Height:  5.25″

Handle Height:  3″

Knot Loft Height:  65 mm

Knot Base Diameter:  22mm

Dimensions are approximate.

Made in USA

Tips for Caring for Your Brush – Protect Your Investment

Avoid using excessive pressure when creating lather.  Excessively hard, downward pressure, with hard circular motions will cause the bristles to twist and breaking off over time.

  • * After shaving, gently, and thoroughly rinse brush of excess shaving cream with warm water.
  • * Never pull or twist the badger hair.
  • * Gently flick your brush to remove excess water.
  • * Always store your brush in an open air area (preferably upside down on a stand) since mildew and soap scum can deteriorate natural hairs and cause breakage.
  • * Clean if needed. If your brush becomes affected by mildew or a build-up of soap, soak it in a solution of borax, which can be obtained from a pharmacy.

Taking a couple extra minutes to care for your shaving brush will help keep it looking new after hundreds of shaves.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz

Blackwood, Spalted Tamarind

Silver Tip Brush Knot: $15 Upgrade

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3 reviews for B2 Pikeman Liberty Series Shaving Brush

  1. williabel16

    Superb craftsmanship, great value, and Made in USA! I will be a repeat customer!

  2. imaleone

    fast and dependable.

  3. ramblinrick1925

    I first saw you on Etsy. I purchased a brush and razor. I have a perfect o brush, and Semogue boars hair, and your brush. Yours is the best. Badger hair is the best hands down, although the Semogue boars hair is better than the Perfecto badger. Yours is far better than either. The one thing I really like is the longer handle. So much easier to use, and a lot easier to hang from the tree. A GREAT brush and really practical. So, I have to give these a try.

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