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Kiridashi: A small, traditional Japanese knife having a chisel grind, a sharp point, and used as a general-purpose utility knife.  The Kiridashi has a much different edge orientation than most knives with lots of leverage at the edge and tip.  This gives the Kiridashi great power and control at the tip and blade compared to other knives. It is traditionally used for pruning small trees and bonsai, but make a great utility knife for all kinds of tasks such as: scoring wood and leather, opening boxes, cutting carpet, ripping seams, general cutting, gardening, light prying and even self defense.  The pommel is great crushing small items such as nuts, and for self-defense even if left in the sheath.

Product Description Model 616 Kiridashi

Overall length:  7.5 inches ( 19.05 cm)

Blade Length:  3.75 inches (9.53 cm)

Steel:  Admiral Steel 3/16″ (4.76 mm) 1095 hot rolled high carbon steel

Knife Weight:  4.7 oz (133.24 g)

Knife & Sheath Weight:  5.9 oz (167.26 g)

Typical Chemistry: C .90/1.04 Mn. .60/.90

Hardness: HRc 59-61

Grind:  Chisel grind blade (single-sided quarter hollow grind)

Heat treated:  Heated to 1450 F(787.8 C), and quenched in light oil formula 2

Temper:  Single draw temper at 400 F (204.4 C)

Handle/Scales:  Stabilized Black Palm

Furniture:   .25 inch (.64 cm) copper mosaic pin and decorative black\red handle spacers

Sheath (Right Handed):  chocolate colored vegetable tanned 3 oz. tooling leather with hand-stitched dark brown thread with dark brown leather retainer strap

Made in the USA

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